Meridith asks: When is the last time you called your current client, I mean really scheduled a call, sat down, asked them questions, and truly listened? My husband and I recently sat down with our banker for our twice a year meeting to go over our accounts, next steps, and our goals. It was a great meeting, and then our banker asked when we last had our insurance reviewed? You see over the course of the meeting we had mentioned we had been working on some home renovations and gotten a new car. Our banker did not miss the clues.

While we like our insurance agent and have conversations with him from time to time, he never proactively has a meeting with us to review our account and our goals. So, he left the door wide open for his competition.

Do you know the most effective sales strategies to beat your competition? First and foremost, you have to know when you have left the door open for them to come in and take your business right out from under you. Then, note these 3 sales strategies:

1. Don’t assume they are well-taken care of, that they are loyal to you, or that they can’t be won over. You have to re-win your existing business on a quarterly basis.

2. Be proactive. Sending them an email, seeing them at the golf club, etc, does not count as a sales call. You have to be intentional about setting up a meeting and sitting down to check in about their goals.

3. Make the call anyway! Even if clients say they don’t want to see or hear from you, believe me if they are good clients someone wants their business, so make the call or find a way to be visible with them anyway. Care for that relationship, or else you are opening the door for someone else to walk right in and win your client over.

Use all 3 of these sales strategies to beat your competition, and to start winning in this trust and value economy.

Meridith Elliott Powell is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Business Growth Expert, Author, Coach and Consultant. Her latest book, “Own It: Redefining Responsibility” is now available on Amazon!