hey this is Meredith Elliot Powell and I want to talk today about what you need to do to shorten the sales cycle and who doesn’t want to shorten the sales cycle?
I don’t know about you, but it can feel like it takes forever these days to close a sale I mean we are living in a time when the consumer is in control we can’t push on our prospects too hard because they’ll leave us and go to somebody else. I have heard the experts say things like it takes 16 to 17 touches to close the sale. I don’t know about you but I don’t have that kind of time. So what do you need to do to shorten the sales cycle? well the first thing you need to understand is not everybody wants to do business with you and guess what you don’t want to do business with everybody. Every single one of us can probably name a prospect or customer that we’re dealing with that
quite frankly drives us crazy and if you want to shorten the sales cycle, you need
to get better at understanding who’s most likely ready wanting and having a
desire to do business with you. So here’s a tip I want you to write down your top
10 customers you know that his customers. I mean a big smile comes to your face
just when you think about them and they buy your products and services. They tend
to think of you as a resource and price for them is not an issue and they pay you easily and readily and once you have those 10 customers down, just look at them study them and you’ll start to see themes things that they have in common and the more that you can find out and define about those customers the better idea you have of your target market and the more you use your top customers to choose your top prospects, the more easily you will close the sale. Everybody has a type there are people that want to do business with you and people that want to do business with me and the better I understand who my top customers are the more I can use that information to choose my top prospects and the better job I do of choosing prospects the faster I am going to close the sale. I call it niching to expand. So there you go there’s your tip this week for what you need to do to shorten the sales cycle use that strategy and a promise you are going to open more doors close more sales and put yourself in a position to thrive in this uncertain market.

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