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The Value of Personal Brand

Top 10 Ways to Build an Effective Personal Brand   Question: Our industry has been hit hard and has been continuing to get hammered. The four bank failures and fear

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How to Overcome Customer Uncertainty

Spend the day with Mark and Meridith diving into your sales strategy and how to capitalize on today’s shifting marketplace. Register for Sales Logic LIVE here! Question: Louis from Jacksonville

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Am I an Effective Sales Leader?

Join Mark and Meridith at Sales Logic Live— May 24, 2023 in Dallas TX or online! Question:   Steve from Dallas asks:  I’m with a small company and I manage two other salespeople

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The Best Sales Advice Ever

Question:  David from London asks, “I am new to sales – been working in operations for most of my career, but have decided to take the leap and move over

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How to Navigate Pressure in Sales

Lightning Round:  Best Strategies For Leading Yourself    Question:  Marshall asks, “ I am a vendor that sells into the real estate industry, and this year agents and companies are

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Rave Reviews

  • A Friend and a Fan
    April 1, 2023 by Red Carpet Donna from United States

    Full disclosure- Meridith is a friend. But I have a ton of friends who have podcasts. I only listen to a few. Sales Logic is one that I listen to religiously!! Mark and Meridith are both experts AND successful sales people. They bring solid advice every single week and I won’t miss an episode.

  • What is the customer actually saying?
    September 6, 2022 by Wendy Weiss: from United States

    I love this! It's true, so many salespeople/organizations do not have a value statement. It all starts with the customer.

  • Easily digestible
    December 19, 2021 by Richfilarvalue from United States

    Subscribe to stay fresh and up to date sales acumen nuggets abound here

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