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Mastermind for Sales Professionals Who Want to Bust Their Third & Fourth Quarter Goals For 2021!
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Start: Monday, July 26, 2021
End: Monday, January 24, 2022

Need an extra push to grow your third & fourth quarter sales? Let us help you reach your goals.

Let's Make 2021 Your Best Sales Year on Record!

As sales professionals you know we are headed in the most important two quarters of the year – third and fourth quarter. You know that the work you do in these two last quarters will not only determine how successful 2021 will be, but this work will lay the foundation for your sales success in 2022.

No matter how strong or challenging your start has been to 2021, this is no time to take your foot off the gas. In fact, it is time to up your game, increase your skills, and double down on your accountability.

That is exactly why we put together the Sales Logic Mastermind focusing exclusively on guiding you successfully through the third and fourth quarter. Meeting monthly we’ll cover everything from building your reputation in the marketplace, doubling your prospecting efforts, creating a solid follow-up system and exactly what you need to do to fill your pipeline and leave your competition in the dust!

How Sales Logic MasterMind Works:

1. Six Month Commitment

We will meet monthly virtually for six months for powerful sessions of skill building, success stories, hot seats, and accountability.

2. Group and Individual Needs

Each session will be uniquely designed to address the challenges of the group, and feature a section to meet your individual needs.

3. Deep-Dive

In every session, we’ll talk about wins and losses, and dive-in deep so you understand what prevents a deal from moving forward and more importantly, what is working to make deals close.

4. Support

Together we create the structure that ensures you have the support you need to increase your prospecting, building a stronger pipeline, design a flawless follow-up strategy and finish 2021 strong.

5. Insider Secrets

We’ll show you the secrets to using fourth quarter to not only drive sales, but to position your conversations to easily get meetings and sales early in 2022.

We will cover all this and SO MUCH MORE!

For only $197, Mark and Meridith will help you achieve your third and fourth quarter sales goals and put you in a better position for 2022. Enroll Sales Logic Mastermind with Meridith Elliott Powell and Mark Hunter now.