We are business leaders shifting our mindsets, business models, and strategies to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Join us for 5-Day Business Challenge: In 5 days we focus on:
1. How to pivot your business to craft a new vision,
2. Develop a working business strategy in the new environment,
3. Discover what is important to your target market,
4. Create a sales plan that reflects current concerns,
5. Focus on the breakeven points and numbers that determine success and failure

Every day there is a video explanation and a one page assignment to keep you focused and moving forward. https://www.facebook.com/groups/PIVOTChallenge/

There is daily accountability and encouragement. At the end of the week there is an open Q and A session with Mark Hunter, Sam Richter, Dr. Mary Kelly, and me.

Again, totally free. We are just trying to help businesses right now the best way we know how.