Hi, I’m Meridith Elliott Powell, and I’m coming to you this week from the beautiful Huntington Beach California and I am going to talk to you this week sales tip number 35 about what are you doing to really get above the white noise and stand out from your competition. Look, I want you to think about this since we have started this video since you’ve been watching me talk. Your best prospects, Your customers, they already started the sales process and they started it without you. they’re online right now googling for information, they’re talking to their friends and their peers asking them who they should do business with, and they’re listening to industry experts and gurus or getting online or attending conferences and the question you need to ask yourself is – is your name coming up are you the person they’re hearing about because if you’re not, you’re already behind in the sales process. So you’ve got to understand today’s marketplace the selling process starts without and the question to you is what are you doing to build your reputation what are you really doing to get above the white noise and what are you really doing to stand out so that when your customers and prospects are looking, you’re the person you are the that’s coming up and that’s going to be the best way for you to open more doors, close more sales, and put you in a position to succeed no matter what this economy does. So I’m going to run off and enjoy Huntington Beach California and I’ll see you next week.
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