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How to Use Networking to Drive Sales

w/ Guest Host Brynne Tillman! Lightning Round: Top 10 Focus Areas If You Want to Rock Your Sales Goal Question: John from Wichita, KS asks, “I am new to sales—just 23—and I am new to Wichita. My boss says I

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Personalizing the Customer Buying Experience

Lightning Round: 10 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make Question: Serena from Ft. Myers asks, “I feel like everywhere I turn, and everything I read these days sales gurus are talking about personalizing the customer experience. Is that different than what we

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Crafting a Great Sales Conversation

Lightning Round: Top 10 Ways to Get Better at Sales   Question: Rhonda from Kauai, Hawaii asks, “ I am struggling—I can get in the door, get to the decision-maker, but my conversations are falling flat. I am new to

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Meet The Hosts

Meridith Elliott Powell

Voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts, Top 100 Sales Influencers by LinkedIn and Top 41 Motivational Speakers. Meridith Elliott Powell is an award-winning author, keynote speaker and business strategist.

With a background in corporate leadership and sales, her career expands over several industries including finance, healthcare, and travel and tourism. Meridith is passionate about helping her clients change how they think, feel and act when it comes to uncertainty.

Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter is a globally sought after keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant on sales leadership. His mission is to motivate sales teams to rethink their prospecting process.

With more than 15+ years in the corporate market working for Fortune 200 companies in senior positions leading hundreds of salespeople combined with his 20+ years experience as a sales consultant, speaker, and coach, Mark has been able to develop a methodology that salespeople and companies around the world use and have success with.

Rave Reviews for Sales logic

  • My favorite 30 minutes of the week
    May 22, 2024 by BrynneTillman from United States

    I do my very best to join the LIVE stream this podcast on LinkedIn Saturday mornings at 8am - it’s such a great way to start the weekend! The insights I learn from Mark and Merideth have such a significant impact on my sales I can’t thank them enough. This is a must listen to for both producers and sales leaders!

  • Great Podcast!
    September 14, 2023 by Genevieve0721 from Philippines

    The podcast episode "How to Ensure Your Value Proposal Is Relevant" was interesting to me. My key takeaways from this episode are that salespeople should listen to the customer and understand their pain points. The value proposition should be easy to understand and remember. Don't give the customer the price right away. This is because the customer needs to understand the value of your product or service before they can make a decision about whether or not to buy it.

  • A Friend and a Fan
    April 1, 2023 by Red Carpet Donna from United States

    Full disclosure- Meridith is a friend. But I have a ton of friends who have podcasts. I only listen to a few. Sales Logic is one that I listen to religiously!! Mark and Meridith are both experts AND successful sales people. They bring solid advice every single week and I won’t miss an episode.

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