I wanna talk a moment about my new book, “Thrive: Strategies to Turn Uncertainty To Competitive Advantage.” and I wanna give you a tip today to do exactly that. Turn uncertainty to competitive advantage. Look, if you are watching this video, there is no way that you believe this time next year everything will be exactly the same. Nobody believes that this change thing is over. So if we know change is coming, we know there’s uncertainty, and uncertainty is change on steroids, right, why don’t we prepare for it? Why don’t you take the time every quarter in your business, just take 15 minutes, and brainstorm what is happening outside of your business. With the economy, customers, competition, technology, what’s happening out there? Because if you see change coming, it can be your greatest opportunity. If you ignore it, it’ll bury you. All right, I’m out the door to go give a keynote and we’ll see you next week.

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