I want to invite you to join me every Monday at 1 o’clock Eastern for my new radio show on Voices of America. We’re going to be on the business channel where we are going to interview those thought leaders those experts those entrepreneurs that have figured it out. They have actually cracked the code of how to really take a business next level so every week we’re gonna dive into the strategies the things that you need to know that are really going to help you in your business. So I hope that you’ll join us. Again that’s every Monday at 1 o’clock Eastern or you can listen to the to the recordings subscribe to us and really get the strategies the things that you need to know to take your business to the next level.

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Keynote Speaker – Her most requested Keynotes are:
* Thrive in Uncertainty
* Powerful Sales, Defy Marketplace Gravity
* Open More Doors – Close More Sales
* Innovative Leadership, Leadership Redefined
* Mind-Blowing Motivation: Gift of Struggle

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