Why am I so passionate about helping companies thrive in uncertainty? What all started last year when I started going into organizations, talking to leaders about how things were going in their businesses and their companies. And here is what they would say, number one is things are good. Our business is growing, the outlook is right. The number two, this uncertainty We’re really worried about uncertainty, as if uncertainty is always a bad thing and I just thought to myself what if we flipped the script on that. What if we started to think about it as an opportunity rather as something that robbed us, what if we started to talk about it as if it can actually give us a competitive advantage? So that’s what we started exploring and studying organizations that has exactly done that and found uncertainty but not be the thing that prevented them from going but actually the thing that worked for them, so that’s when I wrote the keynote. That’s what I focus on so following this methodology learning these steps you’re not only going to thrive in uncertainty, I’m going to turn uncertainty into your competitive advantage.

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Keynote Speaker – Her most requested Keynotes are:
* Thrive! Business Growth and Sales Strategies to Conquer in Uncertainty
* Powerful Sales, Defy Marketplace Gravity
* Open More Doors – Close More Sales
* Innovative Leadership, Leadership Redefined
* Mind-Blowing Motivation: Gift of Struggle

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