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Lessons from the Legends

Lessons from the Legends

Professional speaker and motivator Brian Biro brings together the championship teambuilding formula of Pat Summitt and John Wooden in his latest release, Lessons from the Legends. Biro describes the impact of these modern-day heroes, and how their drive and integrity generated remarkable results. Though Biro points out that these two coaching legends were quite different in personality and approach—one all passion and intensity, the other calm and even-keeled—he highlights the significant characteristics they shared that set them apart as leaders. Biro explains that the foundational principles and coaching strategies of Pat Summitt and John Wooden can apply to teachers, business leaders, parents, and anyone else who strives to make their character their reputation. 

With real-life examples of professional coaches demonstrating resilience and determination in the face of ever-changing challenges, Lessons from the Legends provides a winning game plan for those who seek excellence over ego. 

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