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LinkedIn for Personal Branding

LinkedIn for Personal Branding

LinkedIn for Personal Branding stands out for its comprehensive approach, offering strategies for effective self-positioning, numerous real-life examples and case studies, best practices for each profile section, and six new chapters focusing on LinkedIn content. The book includes writing prompts, ideas, and five persona examples for the About essay, along with unique approaches to the work experience section. Tailored advice is provided for jobseekers, executives, employees, salespeople, freelancers, and individuals with a portfolio career. Additionally, the book guides readers on measuring and enhancing their personal LinkedIn experience, developing and leveraging their brand on the platform, and offers an Online Reader Resource website with extra resources and links.

The content also provides insights on improving your visibility on both LinkedIn and Google. It emphasizes the effective use of images, videos, links, and the exploration of new profile sections. The guide teaches optimization techniques for search visibility and making positive first impressions. It delves into strategies for attracting prospects and employers through compelling profile and content creation, and an impactful headline.

Sandra Long is a LinkedIn expert, consultant, author, and speaker. She presented the first-ever TEDx talk about LinkedIn in 2019. The 11-minute speech is called LinkedIn Community: A Super Power Hiding in Plain Sight and is available on YouTube. Sandra and her company Post Road Consulting focus 100% on LinkedIn education and thought leadership.

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