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Salesman on Fire

Salesman on Fire

On a business trip to Minneapolis, I was fortunate to spend much of a day interviewing the greatest salesperson I’ve ever known – Vincent Scott, whose early career exploits were captured a decade ago in 2010’s sales book-in-a-biography “Birth of a Salesman”.”Salesman on Fire” includes our discussions, which not only outline his sales and leadership career, valuable lessons and learnings, but also some of his greatest triumphs and defeats. Vincent recounts his entire 20+ year career – from starting out in sales to rising rapidly through the ranks – and highlights some never-before-known occurrences and philosophies past and present. “Birth of a Salesman” was the tip of the iceberg; “Salesman on Fire” finds a middle-aged Vincent Scott reflecting on life, love and how he handled the greatest challenges and choices of his entire career.

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