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The Sales Automation Survival Guide

The Sales Automation Survival Guide

Why do 60% to 75% of sales automation implementations fail? Why do sales automation software sellers want you to mistake sales automation for software? This highly accessible, deliciously irreverent book describes the insanity of making the same sales automation mistakes over and over again, always expecting a different outcome. But lest you think Survival Guide is more critical than constructive, the book does much more than mock the pretense of some software sellers and the passivity of senior management. It presents a road map to successful sales automation-from establishing the requisite corporate context to software evaluation methods to detailed process charts that take you step-by-step through field-tested implementation procedures. You’ll probably never read a funnier business book, especially one where every word is deadly serious. Written in plain English and “must-reading” for anyone at any level involved in implementing sales automation.

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