Mastering the Art of Rejection

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Meridith Elliott Powell & Mark Hunter

Sales Logic Podcast

Lightning Round: Top 10 Reasons to Attend Sales Logic LIVE:

10. Your sales strategy needs an upgrade.

9. You can feel the market shifting and want to be ahead of the change.

8. Your need a little motivation.

7. You need to know what the best in the business are doing to excel in sales.

6. You want to outsell your competition.

5. You want to find new ways to add more value to your clients.

4. You want your sales team to increase their performance.

3.  You know to succeed, something has to change, and Sales Logic Live can fill the void.

2. You LOVE Sales Logic.

1. You want 2023 to be your best sales year on record.


Question:  Roosevelt from Nassau, Bahamas asks, “I am in the real estate business and for now sales are holding strong, but inventory that is another story – there are just not enough houses to sell. I am doing everything to convince people to sell,  but it is tough going. So much rejection, so many NO’s. How do I keep my motivation and persistence up when I go weeks, even months, without a positive response?”


Book:  Do It Selling by  David Newman